Finding A Havening Therapists

Working with the right Havening Therapists for YOU

What are the  Havening Techniques ®? 363

If you‘ve experienced life trauma such as. Abuse bullying a serious accident or natural disaster experiences in combat and war embarrassment or

Can The New Havening Technique Really Cure Trauma and Fear?

I tell all of my clients that they have an innate, intuitive healing wisdom. We are all highly evolved to

The Havening Technique and PTSD 910

The amygdala is an area at the base of the human brain that is repeated on both hemispheres (sides). It

How Does Havening Technique Work?

First and foremost, be open to learning this new healing technique. Start with a less painful event or experience to

Ian M c Kay

Ian mckay. Havening is a psycho-sensory technique, meaning it uses the senses (in this case, touch) as a